How to Use Moxa Poles at Home - China Acupuncture Health Center in Westford, MA

Indirect moxibustion using a moxa pole is often a useful adjunct to acupuncture treatments. It is a heat therapy that patients can perform at home. If your acupuncturist has recommended the use of a moxa pole read these directions carefully. Your acupuncturist will demonstrate all the steps involved before you take a moxa pole home.


Prepare a metal or china container for ash.
If the pole has a paper wrapper, remove it.
Using a lighter, light one end of the pole. Keep blowing on the tip of the pole until the tip is glowing red.
When applying moxa to an area keep the tip of the pole about one-half inch from the surface of the skin. Remember that the moxa pole generates heat and lots of smoke. If it touches the skin it could cause a blister. If this occurs, treat it immediately.
During application keep blowing or knocking the ash off the tip in order to keep the heat at a sufficient level.
Continue to apply the heat of the moxa pole until the skin turns pink. This can take from 5-10 minutes.
Reapply the moxa when skin has returned to a normal color.
In putting out the moxa pole use care and make sure it is out before leaving it unattended. Your acupuncturist will demonstrate ways to put it out safely.
Make sure you understand where to apply this heat and how often to apply it.
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